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Instant Home Mart: The Best Online Grocery Store

14 Feb

Instanthomemart.com is one and only online groceries shop in Howrah, launched in October 2012. Instanthomemart aims to offer their valuable customers a treat of Instant shopping of day to day consumer product.

best online grocery store

Our Goal:


  1. Our first goal is to provide our customers the privilege of shopping at their convenient time and convenient place. So our customers can sit back and relax after few minutes of shopping through Instanthomemart.com.
  2. Our second goal is to SATISFY our customers by providing Good Quality products at reasonable price.
  3. Our third goal is to constantly improvise our product list as per our customer requirement and feedback. Customer suggestions are always welcome in our site.
  4. We would be delivering the products from our own shops which are successfully running since last 50 years.
  5. Our mobile customer support officers are available 12 hours a day over the phone. For assistance you can call us or sms at9088949480Minimum total order amount must be equal to or above Rs. 300/-.
  6. Rs. 50 Shipping charges for amount Rs. 300 – Rs. 500
  7. Free Delivery for amount Rs. 500 or above in free shipping areas ( Please refer the link ) Delivery within 24 – 48 hours at yourconvenient timePayment mode: Cash on Delivery at present.



Grab the Opportunity of Online Shopping With Free Shipping From Instant Home Mart

14 Feb

It is an established fact that online shopping with free shipping is a better mode of shopping. It saves a lot of valuable time as well as money but the buyers must know the best techniques to maximize saving. Here is a comprehensive guide of proven strategies for all consumers to save quite some sum:

online grocery shopping india

Do not miss the free shipping facilities:

Home delivery is a complementary service that is integral with all online stores. All buyers enjoy the facility of getting the products delivered at the desired address. However, in most shops delivery charges are not applicable when buyers purchase beyond a certain limit. So keep on adding the things that you need for your household so that you can purchase in bulk quantity and get the benefit of free home delivery service.

Have you checked the clearance segment?

Just like the real time shops, in all virtual shops consumers are going to find a clearance segment. In this segment you are going to come across different kinds of consumer goods that have a long life like rice, canned food and alike. For clearing out old stocks, these goods are available at a comparatively lower price. Look out for such opportunities on the online grocery shops in Kolkata to eat healthy and save as well.

Have you checked your mailbox?

All online stores offer special discount to their loyal customers. So check your mailbox regularly to see whether your account has been selected for some special promotional offers and opt for it to save a lot. Following the virtual stores business profile on the social media platforms can also be a great way to know about exclusive offers that are offered to the fans.

Avail such offers to get discounts on the variety of merchandise that you buy from the online stores. Online grocery shopping India also ensures saving valuable time. It would mean the end of long queues at the billing counter, carrying of heavy shopping bags and waiting in the traffic to get down to the supermarket and coming back from there. Enjoy!!

Discount Coupon: Helps To Save Big While Buying Groceries Online

13 Feb

Discount coupon is a new concept about which you might or might not know. These are basically vouchers that consumers need to buy to get awesome discounts on certain shops or brands. These are extremely economical and consumers can save 50% or sometimes even more while buying from online or real time stores. These coupons are available on specialize platforms so do keep your eyes wide open to get the best bargain. Though the rate of reduction might vary but you are always going to find some lucrative offers associated with the best online grocery store. Here is a short and simplest way to save big on groceries:



A guest does not enjoy the benefit of getting the latest update about discount coupons. Therefore, find out the best platforms that offer discount coupons and follow these platforms. Thereafter, you are going to get regular update about the best offers on your mail box and opt for the one that is suitable for you.


Once you have found the coupons that are aptly suitable for your need, place an order by clicking the button. Provide them with your address and the coupon will be delivered to you with a couple of days. Most discount coupon sites offer cash on delivery service so you might not worry about furnishing personal details.


Not all the coupons are valid on different items sold on the online grocery shopping India, therefore it is extremely important for the buyers to read the terms and conditions in details before buying it and thereafter take a wise decision.

Furnishing the coupon code:

In your next purchase, furnish the details of the coupon code to opt for price cut. The online stores have tie ups with companies that sell coupons. So your discounted amount will automatically get reduced from the total amount and leave you really happy.

These are some of the benefits that you are going to enjoy by buying discount coupons from the renowned platforms. Most online grocery shops in Kolkata accept coupons so opt for these to save hefty amount.

Different Assortments in the Online Grocery Shopping India

13 Feb

Online platforms selling different kinds of goods have gained immense popularity in the recent times. One of the primary reasons because of which this impersonal means of shopping has been accepted by the people is huge concessions offered by these platforms as well as the home delivery service. However, another factor that we cannot overlook is the vast inventory of the online shopping platforms. You are going to come across different kinds of specialty online stores on the internet. While some specialize in selling books and gadgets, there are others who focus on online grocery shopping with free shipping or for buying gifts. We are going to focus on the huge inventory of virtual grocery store in this write up.

online shopping with free shipping


As the name suggests, in the online grocery stores will have an exhaustive list of groceries like rice, different kinds of flours, sugar, salt, spice and other such everyday use items that are always needed in the kitchen. You are going to come across variety of brands from which you can choose according to your preference as well as budget.

Personal care:

On the best online grocery store, the consumers are also going to find a large variety of personal care products for men, women as well as kids. Right from gender specific moisturizers, cream, hair care, lip balms and other body care products, you are going to find all the basic necessities on a single place. All the personal care products are from renowned brands and the manufacture and expiry date of the brands are checked before selling to the customers. So the buyers can rest assured about the quality of the product.

Home care:

A large variety of home care products washing powders, different kinds of floor cleaning products, hand wash and other kind of hygiene products are also available on these platforms. So the buyers are going to find almost all the things that they require for maintaining their household.

These are only some of the necessary items that you will find on all the online grocery shopping in Kolkata. Apart from that the consumers are also going to get different kinds of beverages and bakery products, that we usually love to munch. Enjoy shopping!!

Premier Online Grocery Shops of Kolkata : Instant Home Mart

12 Feb

Instanthomemart.com is one of the premier online grocery shops of Kolkata that was established with the primary aim of helping the consumers and making their life convenient. Customers can buy groceries online from Instanthomemart.com at their convenient time from the comfort of their own home and get the products delivered at their doorstep within two days at their suitable time. Here are some reasons that make Instanthomemart.com better than the rest.

online grocery shopping india

Wide range of products:

The list of inventories available on this online store is really extensive and therefore leaving the customers with a varied range of options to choose from. Starting from the common groceries products to personal care items, food, bakery products, beverages and basic home care products are available on this online store. Therefore, the customers will get all the products under one roof and need not run to and fro for collecting necessary things every month. All the products are available in different brands. Thus, the consumers will have enough options to choose from.

Lucrative discounts:

The consumers can save a lot of hard earned money by buying products from this online platform. In the best selling section products are offered at a discounted price. Furthermore, the customers can also earn reward points on the total bill amount or by referring a friend to join Instanthomemart.com, the best online grocery store. These points can be redeemed at a later stage to get some decent discounts.

Quality products:

The primary aim of the entrepreneurs of the online stores is to offer superior quality products to the clients at a reasonable price. The question that might arise in the mind of the consumers is: how could the online store offers goods at such low price? This is because they buy products at bulk quantities and directly sell the products to the consumers without the interference of any middlemen. So they can offer goods at a competitive price by utilizing the principles of economics and without compromising with the quality of the products.

These are some of the most important reasons that make Instanthomemart.com one of the best online groceries shopping India

Buy Groceries Online

11 Feb

Online shopping can be your best friend in everything you need at home. You just have to be sure on what you need. Wants is very different from needs. If you have self-control, this will help you buy things that you really need at home. One advice I can give you is to make a list. Yes, a shopping list. Particularly grocery shopping, even though this is online, it’s really important that you have a list of items that you need most. Let me give you a simple example, every time I go in a supermarket to buy grocery items I make sure that I’m bringing my list. If not, I tend to pick up items that I just want and I end up ruining my budget. Same with online shopping, a list of items that you NEED will help you shop wisely and practically. Most of all, making a list will also help you manage and be a good steward of God’s money.

buy groceries online

Fruits and vegetables, grocery and staples, bread, dairy and eggs, beverage, branded foods, personal care, household, confectionery and meat. These are some of the items a supermarket has. Did you know that Instanthomemart.com has those too! Good thing is that you can actually shop for your groceries online! See best online grocery store, choose and order your needs at the comfort of your home.

For cosmetics, check out emami creams and for lotions, see lakme creamsInstanthomemart.com assures you on time delivery and quality products.

Isn’t that convenient? Try it!

Best Online Grocery Store

11 Feb

Do you have concerns with your groceries? Are you a working mom who doesn’t get a chance to go in a grocery shop? Are you a bachelor who is so busy with work and has no time to buy groceries in a grocery shop? As a young professional, I can’t manage going in a store and buy goods that I need. Actually, I just started purchasing goods online and I find it really convenient! I save a lot of time and energy. I don’t have to bring those heavy bags.

online grocery shopping india

They say:

Hi, i am a new mother as well as a working professional. I used to always order grocery and vegetables from nearby stores. Now i have completely shifted to Instant Home Mart  and recommend this website to everyone. – Rima Biswas

First of all, I would like to thank Instanthomemart.com for making my life really easy. I was looking for someone who could shop for groceries for me as it’s really very tough to shop during weekends as it is the only spare time I can afford. – Ritesh

Dear Customer Service Team at Instanthomemart.com, First of all I must say that Instanthomemart.com is a blessing to everyone in today’s hectic life. – Neha

Instanthomemart.comis the largest online food and grocery store in kolkata. To give you some idea Instanthomemart.com offers a lot food like  Amul Gulab Jamun,Dairy Craft Mozzarella Cheese,Lays Magic Masala Large,London Dairy Natural Strawberry,Quaker Oats,Raja Makkhan Bite Biscuit, fruits, vegetables and more. Best online grocery store is really a big help for consumers who cannot go shopping in a man to man store. Online shopping will help you save time and energy. Try it now!