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Best Online Grocery Store and Its Privacy Policy

14 Feb

privacy policy


  1. Instanthomemart.com customers have the privilege to order all types of groceries online as well as through phone or sms.
  2. For placing an online order, customers can opt for either registration or “guest shopping” facility. All the information provided by you on registration will be considered accurate and up to date. We would not be responsible for wrong delivery based on outdated address / contact no.
  3. Orders placed online would be considered final. Customers shall not receive any further communication from our side to confirm the same. Customers will receive an email containing the order details. Customers can cancel the order only through customer care (refer Cancellation policy ).
  4. Orders can be cancelled up to four hours prior to the start of delivery slot chosen by the customer. For details refer to theCancellation policy.


  1. Products shall be delivered only on realization of payment (whether cash on delivery or online payment).
  2. We strive to deliver the best quality products at all times. In case the product does not meet specification or quality standards, the same will be subject to return policy. Refer to the Return policy.
  3. Instanthomemart.com customers can choose between two delivery slots (i.e. morning and evening) – Delivery for morning slots will be made between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and for evening slot between 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
  4. We will try to deliver within the chosen delivery slot at all times. However, if we get delayed due to some unforeseen circumstances (heavy rains, massive traffic jam, bandh / strikes etc.) we will inform you by telephone.
  5. We’ll try to deliver the products to the intended recipient. However, we would not be responsible for deliveries made to the wrong person based on the shipping address provided to us while ordering.

Reward Points

Registered customers of Instanthomemart.com gain Reward points on every purchase from us and also for referring other people. For details, please refer to our Reward Points section.


  1. Payment can be made online (to be launched very soon) as well as by cash on delivery.
  2. In case of cash on delivery, please ensure that someone is available at the shipping address to receive the delivery. If nobody is going to be available, please inform us through the delivery instruction option (online order) / the telephone operator (tele-order) if you want us to deliver to your neighbour or security guard. In that case, please ensure that necessary arrangements are made to make the payment to us on delivery. If nobody is available or in the absence of such delivery instructions, we’ll cancel the order from our side and levy a penalty of Rs. 50/- on the next order. If this is repeated, the mobile no. and email id would be blacklisted.
  3. In case of online payments (to be launched very soon), if you are not going to be available in the chosen delivery slot please inform us through the delivery instruction option if you want us to deliver to your neighbour or security guard.
  4. If you realize about your unavailability after placing the order, please let us know up to four hours prior to the start of the delivery slot chosen by you.


  1. Once a customer registers on Instanthomemart.com, we consider the registration confirmed. The customer only receives a welcome email from us (no confirmation email will be sent by us).
  2. All personal details and payment details will be governed by our Privacy policy.

Website Contents

  1. Although utmost care is taken to keep the website content updated, we do not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any information or material appearing on it. We are not responsible for third party contents displayed on our website and have no obligation to verify the contents.
  2. All product related pictures provided are only indicative and for reference only. Original products may vary from the picture seen for that relevant product in the website.
  3. Prices and availabilities of products are subject to change without prior notice.


  1. Products / services provided by us are without any warranties of any kind either expressed or implied.
  2. Courts of Howrah shall have exclusive jurisdiction in case of any disputes.
  3. Instanthomemart.com reserves the rights to change the terms & conditions at any time without prior notice.

You can Keep Your Good Health By Buying Fresh Foods From Best Online Grocery Store

14 Feb

Lately I have been a working tirelessly on a new project because of which I have to compromise with my grocery shopping time. Unfortunately, this is the time when I need more of good and nutritious food but I have been compromising with it. A friend suggested that I can try online grocery shopping in Kolkata. This is most convenient option for the fast paced lifestyle of the 21st century. Here are some reasons owing to which I would suggest it to all those who are juggling a lot of responsibility at a single time.

buying groceries online


You will indulge in healthier dishes:

Whenever we buy groceries, at the back of our mind we start planning about the week’s menu. Therefore, we end up planning some nutritious assortments that everyone will enjoy. On the contrary, if we start indulging in the oily and fatty fast foods and take away, then we would not feel hungry but it would not meet up with our nutritional requirements.

Cut back calorie intake:

While you are moving around the real time stores, the sweet smell of the freshly based cakes and cookies, good offers on chocolates and ice creams will certainly tempt you to buy some of these which you do not actually need. While buying groceries online you will only focus on the items that you need. So you can surely cut back on your calorie intake by not opting for any of the high calorie and sugary food items.

Much less time:

Since I have been quite busy these days, two hours of grocery shopping is simply out of question. I can do so much more in such a long span of time. But online shopping gives the opportunity to finish of the same thing in less than twenty minutes and also when you are already engaged in some other activity.

These are some of the benefits owing to which I have shifted my preference to online grocery shopping with free shipping service. It will help in maintaining a perfect balance between your work, personal life and health as well.

Discount Coupon: Helps To Save Big While Buying Groceries Online

13 Feb

Discount coupon is a new concept about which you might or might not know. These are basically vouchers that consumers need to buy to get awesome discounts on certain shops or brands. These are extremely economical and consumers can save 50% or sometimes even more while buying from online or real time stores. These coupons are available on specialize platforms so do keep your eyes wide open to get the best bargain. Though the rate of reduction might vary but you are always going to find some lucrative offers associated with the best online grocery store. Here is a short and simplest way to save big on groceries:



A guest does not enjoy the benefit of getting the latest update about discount coupons. Therefore, find out the best platforms that offer discount coupons and follow these platforms. Thereafter, you are going to get regular update about the best offers on your mail box and opt for the one that is suitable for you.


Once you have found the coupons that are aptly suitable for your need, place an order by clicking the button. Provide them with your address and the coupon will be delivered to you with a couple of days. Most discount coupon sites offer cash on delivery service so you might not worry about furnishing personal details.


Not all the coupons are valid on different items sold on the online grocery shopping India, therefore it is extremely important for the buyers to read the terms and conditions in details before buying it and thereafter take a wise decision.

Furnishing the coupon code:

In your next purchase, furnish the details of the coupon code to opt for price cut. The online stores have tie ups with companies that sell coupons. So your discounted amount will automatically get reduced from the total amount and leave you really happy.

These are some of the benefits that you are going to enjoy by buying discount coupons from the renowned platforms. Most online grocery shops in Kolkata accept coupons so opt for these to save hefty amount.

Online Grocery Shopping: A Great Alternative that Can Save You Both Time and Money

4 Feb

Moms have so many duties and responsibilities to juggle that they have hardly anytime left for herself. So she must be on the lookout for some tools and applications whereby she can manage all her responsibilities efficiently. Thus, the entry of the online grocery shopping with free shipping facilities that will be of great help for the busy moms. Here are some reasons why they should give it a try.


No more grocery shopping with kids:

The kids can be a real source of trouble while shopping in the departmental stores. They keep on troubling you by picking up unnecessary items, demanding for needless articles, cry and confusing you. Online shopping ensures you relieve from all these troubles. You can order the necessary things from the convenience of your own home and get it delivered at your doorstep as well.

No need to get frustrated:

Moving round the aisles of the departmental stores can be really frustrating at times, especially when you are running out of time and have to make it in time to pick up your daughter or son from school.  Online grocery shopping in Kolkata enables the moms to handle all her duties efficiently. Since the platforms are extremely user friendly the moms can easily find all the items that they need for the kitchen within the least amount of time. Thus making the virtual shops are the best option available to the busy moms.

No need to wait for a sunny weather:

Often rain or any other extreme weather conditions impede mom’s trip to the grocery stores. Under compulsion they have to buy products from the local stores and thereby end up spending more money and disturbing the monthly budget. However, while shopping online the buyers need not face any such trouble. The reliable broadband connection would help them to steer through different platforms easily, order the necessary things and get it delivered at their home.

Thus the use of these tools will help the busy moms to organize their tasks proficiently. Moreover, buying groceries online will also help in saving a lot of hard earned money.