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Best Online Grocery Store and Its Privacy Policy

14 Feb

privacy policy


  1. Instanthomemart.com customers have the privilege to order all types of groceries online as well as through phone or sms.
  2. For placing an online order, customers can opt for either registration or “guest shopping” facility. All the information provided by you on registration will be considered accurate and up to date. We would not be responsible for wrong delivery based on outdated address / contact no.
  3. Orders placed online would be considered final. Customers shall not receive any further communication from our side to confirm the same. Customers will receive an email containing the order details. Customers can cancel the order only through customer care (refer Cancellation policy ).
  4. Orders can be cancelled up to four hours prior to the start of delivery slot chosen by the customer. For details refer to theCancellation policy.


  1. Products shall be delivered only on realization of payment (whether cash on delivery or online payment).
  2. We strive to deliver the best quality products at all times. In case the product does not meet specification or quality standards, the same will be subject to return policy. Refer to the Return policy.
  3. Instanthomemart.com customers can choose between two delivery slots (i.e. morning and evening) – Delivery for morning slots will be made between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and for evening slot between 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
  4. We will try to deliver within the chosen delivery slot at all times. However, if we get delayed due to some unforeseen circumstances (heavy rains, massive traffic jam, bandh / strikes etc.) we will inform you by telephone.
  5. We’ll try to deliver the products to the intended recipient. However, we would not be responsible for deliveries made to the wrong person based on the shipping address provided to us while ordering.

Reward Points

Registered customers of Instanthomemart.com gain Reward points on every purchase from us and also for referring other people. For details, please refer to our Reward Points section.


  1. Payment can be made online (to be launched very soon) as well as by cash on delivery.
  2. In case of cash on delivery, please ensure that someone is available at the shipping address to receive the delivery. If nobody is going to be available, please inform us through the delivery instruction option (online order) / the telephone operator (tele-order) if you want us to deliver to your neighbour or security guard. In that case, please ensure that necessary arrangements are made to make the payment to us on delivery. If nobody is available or in the absence of such delivery instructions, we’ll cancel the order from our side and levy a penalty of Rs. 50/- on the next order. If this is repeated, the mobile no. and email id would be blacklisted.
  3. In case of online payments (to be launched very soon), if you are not going to be available in the chosen delivery slot please inform us through the delivery instruction option if you want us to deliver to your neighbour or security guard.
  4. If you realize about your unavailability after placing the order, please let us know up to four hours prior to the start of the delivery slot chosen by you.


  1. Once a customer registers on Instanthomemart.com, we consider the registration confirmed. The customer only receives a welcome email from us (no confirmation email will be sent by us).
  2. All personal details and payment details will be governed by our Privacy policy.

Website Contents

  1. Although utmost care is taken to keep the website content updated, we do not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any information or material appearing on it. We are not responsible for third party contents displayed on our website and have no obligation to verify the contents.
  2. All product related pictures provided are only indicative and for reference only. Original products may vary from the picture seen for that relevant product in the website.
  3. Prices and availabilities of products are subject to change without prior notice.


  1. Products / services provided by us are without any warranties of any kind either expressed or implied.
  2. Courts of Howrah shall have exclusive jurisdiction in case of any disputes.
  3. Instanthomemart.com reserves the rights to change the terms & conditions at any time without prior notice.

Different Assortments in the Online Grocery Shopping India

13 Feb

Online platforms selling different kinds of goods have gained immense popularity in the recent times. One of the primary reasons because of which this impersonal means of shopping has been accepted by the people is huge concessions offered by these platforms as well as the home delivery service. However, another factor that we cannot overlook is the vast inventory of the online shopping platforms. You are going to come across different kinds of specialty online stores on the internet. While some specialize in selling books and gadgets, there are others who focus on online grocery shopping with free shipping or for buying gifts. We are going to focus on the huge inventory of virtual grocery store in this write up.

online shopping with free shipping


As the name suggests, in the online grocery stores will have an exhaustive list of groceries like rice, different kinds of flours, sugar, salt, spice and other such everyday use items that are always needed in the kitchen. You are going to come across variety of brands from which you can choose according to your preference as well as budget.

Personal care:

On the best online grocery store, the consumers are also going to find a large variety of personal care products for men, women as well as kids. Right from gender specific moisturizers, cream, hair care, lip balms and other body care products, you are going to find all the basic necessities on a single place. All the personal care products are from renowned brands and the manufacture and expiry date of the brands are checked before selling to the customers. So the buyers can rest assured about the quality of the product.

Home care:

A large variety of home care products washing powders, different kinds of floor cleaning products, hand wash and other kind of hygiene products are also available on these platforms. So the buyers are going to find almost all the things that they require for maintaining their household.

These are only some of the necessary items that you will find on all the online grocery shopping in Kolkata. Apart from that the consumers are also going to get different kinds of beverages and bakery products, that we usually love to munch. Enjoy shopping!!

Best Solution For All Your Grocery Shopping Problems : Online Grocery Shopping in Kolkata

13 Feb

‘Motherhood’ no doubt this is a special feeling altogether and you would love and remember those crazy moments you have spent with your child. However, it also means added responsibilities which you have deliver with efficiency. So here is magical tool that will be certainly very useful for the modern moms. Guess what?? Yes, you are right, the internet. It is the answer to most of problems be it the different kinds of baby products, household necessities or even grocery shopping. Right from your home, while taking care of the infant you can order any necessary products that will be delivered to you at your convenient time. Life has become much easier with the coming of the online shopping with free shipping facilities, especially for those who have so many responsibilities to juggle.

buy groceries online


Exhaustive Inventory:

The best part of shopping from the virtual store is their exhaustive inventory. Starting from personal care products, to home care, groceries and other miscellaneous items, all daily necessity products can be found in a single place. Even baby products from well known brands are also available on the online store. Utilize these opportunities to make your life better.

Reward Points:

Budget is our priority when we shop, be it from the online or offline stores. One of the best features of the online grocery stores is that on every purchase you will be awarded some points that you can redeem at a later date. Thus you are going to get some discounts on all your purchase which will help you to confine yourself within your budget.

Price Slashes:

The price of the products sold on the online stores is most often less than the market price. This is the biggest benefit of buying groceries online and one of the primary reason of its growing popularity.

Free Home Delivery:

Travelling with infants is quite difficult. Therefore, the home delivery facility of the online store is extremely beneficial for the new moms. Thus they can take care of their baby as well as household with the click of a button.

Owing to these facilities the busy moms should adapt such convenient means to make their life simple and easily manageable. Choose any of the best online grocery store in your city to make your life hassle free.

Online Grocery Shopping in Kolkata

11 Feb

Long lines at grocery store, heavy loads of plastic or paper bags, and you feel uneasy because you still have to do a lot of house chores or maybe paper works. If you always encounter these scenario, I suggest you try online grocery shopping! Yes, you read it right, online grocery shopping. Aside from online shopping for clothes, bags, furnitures, you casn also shop online for your groceries! Isn’t that convenient! All you have to do is sit down infront of your computer and look for online grocery shopping in Kolkata then choose and CLICK the best deals for you.

online grocery shopping india

 Instanthomemart.com  is actually the best online grocery store in Kolkata. So if you live near or exactly in Kolkata this is your chance to check their products and services. If you were satisfied with all their online products and services you can confidently recommend this to your close friends or even to your family members.

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buy groceries online

For more information on other products and the best offer visit us at : www.instanthomemart.com


Online Grocery Shopping in Kolkata: Your next stop for Grocery Shopping

14 Jan

Buying groceries in Kolkata have become easier with the introduction of many online platforms providing such services. If busy schedule is keeping you away from the grocery stores and is becoming the primary reason behind feeding yourself on the unhealthy fast food, then the best online grocery stores are just the right alternative available to you. Get your monthly or weekly groceries delivered at your place by following the subsequent steps:

Find the ideal stores:

Browse the internet to find out the prominent platforms that delivers in your area. This is extremely important as different stores cater to different parts of the city. Once you have listed all stores that cater in your city, the next step is really important. Compare the price offered on different products so that you can get an overview which platform is providing you with the best deals.


Once you have found all the online grocery shops in Kolkata adhering to the above mentioned categories, the next best thing that you must focus on is registering with all these sites. There are many benefits of registering with the different platforms. Firstly, you are going to get notifications for all the best deals that are offered on these platforms. Secondly, if you buy a product, then registering with the online store becomes necessary. Thirdly, the loyal customers of a particular site are given priority treatment by the online entrepreneurs as well.  So enjoy these facilities by buying groceries online.

Free home delivery:

Once you have ordered your groceries, provide the interface with the precise address as well as the time when you want the products to get delivered at your address. The online stores ensure to deliver it at doorstep at free of cost. Moreover, the customers also have the option of getting cash back offers if any of the products are damaged.

These are some of benefits that you are going to enjoy by shopping from the online grocery shops in Kolkata. Make the best use of these facilities and enjoy shopping grocery online that will save a lot of money.

Get Huge Discounts by Buying Groceries Online

4 Jan

Online grocery shopping in Kolkata does not only save a lot of valuable time but loads of hard earned money as well. Shopping from real time convenience stores can be really hazardous as the busy schedule hardly leaves us with any time to look around for the same products every month or stand in the long queues for paying the bills once shopping is complete. The online grocery shopping has many practical perks like convenience, cost effectiveness that has contributed to their growing popularity. Here are some of the practical benefits of indulging in online grocery shopping..


Low Price:Online grocery shopping in Kolkata

Many products in the online grocery stores are offered at a much cheaper price in comparison real time stores, thereby providing opportunity to save money in the easiest way.

Lucrative Offers:

Many lucrative offers are available on the online grocery stores that are extremely economical. Offers like buy one get one free, flat discounts, three products offered at the price of two and many such packages are offered on various range of consumer goods available on the best online grocery store.  By opting for such offers the consumers can save a lot.

Earn Points:

The loyal customers also have the opportunity to earn rewards on the total amount billed which they can use to get discounts on the next purchase. Rewards can be also earned by referring a friend to join a particular store or in other ways.


Sometimes discount coupons are also sold that are valid for different online grocery store. The clients can buy these coupons to get greater discounts while shopping online. The consumers have to buy these coupons with some money and thereafter they can get discounts, for example flat 20% off on the total billing amount and other such offers.

These are some of the practical perks of buying groceries online. Exploit these opportunities to save money as well as time.

Is Online Grocery Shopping in Kolkata a Cheaper Alternative?

18 Dec

Managing the household is primarily the responsibility of the womenfolk of every household. They have to maintain a perfect equilibrium between work and life and manage all aspect of the household efficiently. To run the whole system with competence, they can make use of the online shopping opportunities. The best online grocery stores have helped the womenfolk a lot in organizing their household activities effectively.


Starting from fresh vegetables and cereals to meat, fish, dairy products or any other goods are available on the online store at the click of a button. You can place an online order and get a superfast delivery of all the goods at your doorway at your convenient time. Moreover, online shopping of groceries will help in saving a lot of money as well. Here are some reasons why online grocery shopping is considered to be cheaper in comparison to real time shopping.

Best deals:

The online grocery stores offer best deals and discounts to the consumers which none of the real time shop can ever offer!! You might be perturbed by the fact that how can the online store sale the same products at such competitive price and end up thinking that the products are not of good quality. But the reality is that the entrepreneurs of the online stores make bulk purchase for all the goods and they sell their products directly to the consumers. This enables them to enjoy overheads even after offering the consumers product at a lower price through discounts.

No scope for impulsive shopping:

Online shopping with free shipping does not leave the consumer with any scope for impulsive shopping which is a common practice that all of indulge in while shopping around the real time shops. Most often we end up buying all the unnecessary stuffs and thereby the monthly budget gets exhausted. Online shopping will allow you with no such scope. Moreover, the money saved by buying online products can be used for buying the unnecessary things.

No commutation fee:

The online grocery shops guarantee free shipping of all the products in accordance to the convenience of the consumers. This will save a lot of money that we have to spend on traveling to and fro from the market, car parking and other related cost. With the use of these platforms all the good will be delivered at your place at a cheaper price at free of cost.

Value for money:

Online grocery shopping also ensures money back assurance in case of any dispute with any particular product. Extreme quality control measures are taken by the entrepreneur but in case there is some problem, they guarantee to replace it or return the money at the earliest.

These are some of the factors that make online grocery shopping in Kolkata a much better option in comparison to real-time shopping in the marketplace. Without arguing or bargaining with the retailers you will be given quite some discounts on all the products. So do not miss this opportunity to save your hard earned money and maintain budget.