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Grab the Opportunity of Online Shopping With Free Shipping From Instant Home Mart

14 Feb

It is an established fact that online shopping with free shipping is a better mode of shopping. It saves a lot of valuable time as well as money but the buyers must know the best techniques to maximize saving. Here is a comprehensive guide of proven strategies for all consumers to save quite some sum:

online grocery shopping india

Do not miss the free shipping facilities:

Home delivery is a complementary service that is integral with all online stores. All buyers enjoy the facility of getting the products delivered at the desired address. However, in most shops delivery charges are not applicable when buyers purchase beyond a certain limit. So keep on adding the things that you need for your household so that you can purchase in bulk quantity and get the benefit of free home delivery service.

Have you checked the clearance segment?

Just like the real time shops, in all virtual shops consumers are going to find a clearance segment. In this segment you are going to come across different kinds of consumer goods that have a long life like rice, canned food and alike. For clearing out old stocks, these goods are available at a comparatively lower price. Look out for such opportunities on the online grocery shops in Kolkata to eat healthy and save as well.

Have you checked your mailbox?

All online stores offer special discount to their loyal customers. So check your mailbox regularly to see whether your account has been selected for some special promotional offers and opt for it to save a lot. Following the virtual stores business profile on the social media platforms can also be a great way to know about exclusive offers that are offered to the fans.

Avail such offers to get discounts on the variety of merchandise that you buy from the online stores. Online grocery shopping India also ensures saving valuable time. It would mean the end of long queues at the billing counter, carrying of heavy shopping bags and waiting in the traffic to get down to the supermarket and coming back from there. Enjoy!!


Online Grocery Shopping: A Great Alternative that Can Save You Both Time and Money

4 Feb

Moms have so many duties and responsibilities to juggle that they have hardly anytime left for herself. So she must be on the lookout for some tools and applications whereby she can manage all her responsibilities efficiently. Thus, the entry of the online grocery shopping with free shipping facilities that will be of great help for the busy moms. Here are some reasons why they should give it a try.


No more grocery shopping with kids:

The kids can be a real source of trouble while shopping in the departmental stores. They keep on troubling you by picking up unnecessary items, demanding for needless articles, cry and confusing you. Online shopping ensures you relieve from all these troubles. You can order the necessary things from the convenience of your own home and get it delivered at your doorstep as well.

No need to get frustrated:

Moving round the aisles of the departmental stores can be really frustrating at times, especially when you are running out of time and have to make it in time to pick up your daughter or son from school.  Online grocery shopping in Kolkata enables the moms to handle all her duties efficiently. Since the platforms are extremely user friendly the moms can easily find all the items that they need for the kitchen within the least amount of time. Thus making the virtual shops are the best option available to the busy moms.

No need to wait for a sunny weather:

Often rain or any other extreme weather conditions impede mom’s trip to the grocery stores. Under compulsion they have to buy products from the local stores and thereby end up spending more money and disturbing the monthly budget. However, while shopping online the buyers need not face any such trouble. The reliable broadband connection would help them to steer through different platforms easily, order the necessary things and get it delivered at their home.

Thus the use of these tools will help the busy moms to organize their tasks proficiently. Moreover, buying groceries online will also help in saving a lot of hard earned money.