Discount Coupon: Helps To Save Big While Buying Groceries Online

13 Feb

Discount coupon is a new concept about which you might or might not know. These are basically vouchers that consumers need to buy to get awesome discounts on certain shops or brands. These are extremely economical and consumers can save 50% or sometimes even more while buying from online or real time stores. These coupons are available on specialize platforms so do keep your eyes wide open to get the best bargain. Though the rate of reduction might vary but you are always going to find some lucrative offers associated with the best online grocery store. Here is a short and simplest way to save big on groceries:



A guest does not enjoy the benefit of getting the latest update about discount coupons. Therefore, find out the best platforms that offer discount coupons and follow these platforms. Thereafter, you are going to get regular update about the best offers on your mail box and opt for the one that is suitable for you.


Once you have found the coupons that are aptly suitable for your need, place an order by clicking the button. Provide them with your address and the coupon will be delivered to you with a couple of days. Most discount coupon sites offer cash on delivery service so you might not worry about furnishing personal details.


Not all the coupons are valid on different items sold on the online grocery shopping India, therefore it is extremely important for the buyers to read the terms and conditions in details before buying it and thereafter take a wise decision.

Furnishing the coupon code:

In your next purchase, furnish the details of the coupon code to opt for price cut. The online stores have tie ups with companies that sell coupons. So your discounted amount will automatically get reduced from the total amount and leave you really happy.

These are some of the benefits that you are going to enjoy by buying discount coupons from the renowned platforms. Most online grocery shops in Kolkata accept coupons so opt for these to save hefty amount.


Different Assortments in the Online Grocery Shopping India

13 Feb

Online platforms selling different kinds of goods have gained immense popularity in the recent times. One of the primary reasons because of which this impersonal means of shopping has been accepted by the people is huge concessions offered by these platforms as well as the home delivery service. However, another factor that we cannot overlook is the vast inventory of the online shopping platforms. You are going to come across different kinds of specialty online stores on the internet. While some specialize in selling books and gadgets, there are others who focus on online grocery shopping with free shipping or for buying gifts. We are going to focus on the huge inventory of virtual grocery store in this write up.

online shopping with free shipping


As the name suggests, in the online grocery stores will have an exhaustive list of groceries like rice, different kinds of flours, sugar, salt, spice and other such everyday use items that are always needed in the kitchen. You are going to come across variety of brands from which you can choose according to your preference as well as budget.

Personal care:

On the best online grocery store, the consumers are also going to find a large variety of personal care products for men, women as well as kids. Right from gender specific moisturizers, cream, hair care, lip balms and other body care products, you are going to find all the basic necessities on a single place. All the personal care products are from renowned brands and the manufacture and expiry date of the brands are checked before selling to the customers. So the buyers can rest assured about the quality of the product.

Home care:

A large variety of home care products washing powders, different kinds of floor cleaning products, hand wash and other kind of hygiene products are also available on these platforms. So the buyers are going to find almost all the things that they require for maintaining their household.

These are only some of the necessary items that you will find on all the online grocery shopping in Kolkata. Apart from that the consumers are also going to get different kinds of beverages and bakery products, that we usually love to munch. Enjoy shopping!!

Comfortable And Hastle Free Shopping With Best Online Grocery Store

13 Feb

Online store have gained popularity among the working masses primarily because of the convenience factor. In the 21st century almost all households have computing devices along with internet browsing facilities. So shopping from the online stores would not be difficult. Moreover, if you have a smartphone or Android phone, you can also buy groceries online or any other things on the go. Here are some reasons owing to which you should opt for the virtual store:

Shop-From-HomPlace Order From Home:

After the whole day we often do not get the enthusiasm to do dull things like visiting the farmers market to get fresh vegetables and thereafter steer yourself towards the supermarket to get rice, pulses and alike. And of course you cannot escape from carrying those heavy and ugly bags all along the way. Online shops give you respite from all these physical hazards that you have been enduring. Place the order while lazing on your sofa after an eventful day and take advantage of all the facilities that modern technology has to offer.

Uncomplicated Interface:

The interfaces of the best online grocery store have been designed in the most simplistic manner. A person with even basic computer knowledge will be able to navigate through it with ease and would actually enjoy this hassle free shopping experience. Select the items that you would need and keep on filling your shopping cart with a click of a button. So shopping has definitely become comfortable with the advent of the online store.


Better Bargain:

On the online shops most of the products are available at a lesser price than the MRP. Therefore it would also help you to save a wholesome amount. Moreover, better offers are valid for those who purchase goods in bulk quantity. So shop in wholesome quantity to save a lot of your hard earned money. Most of the virtual shops offer free delivery service, therefore you will save money on transportation as well.

Enjoy the many facilities that come with online grocery shopping in Kolkata by simply registering with any of the stores. It is the most convenient alternative available to all the working professionals.

Buy Indian spices at Great Discount From Online Grocery Shops India

13 Feb

Any kind of Indian dishes mean the use of rich and aromatic spices that will add nice flavor to the dish and enhance its taste. In any Indian kitchen you are going to come across haldi and chilli powder, garam masala, bay leaves, cinnamon, cumin seeds, curry powder and many other kinds of spices. All these are regularly needed for preparing different kinds of Indian dishes. In the best online grocery store, consumers are going to find all these spices from a large range of brands.

buy groceries online

Whole spice:

On the virtual shops the consumers are going to come across a large range of whole spices that we usually need for regular as well as special Indian dishes. If you prefer to ground the whole spice in the traditional way and thereafter use it in the dishes, you can get it from the online stores. Though the online stores are a modern concept but the inventory list has been tailor made in accordance with the need of the consumers of India.

Powered spice:

The inventory of the online grocery shops in Kolkata also comprises of a large range of spice in powder form which is much easier to use and are also in great demand. In most online stores you would come across a large number of brands selling powered spices which will help you to choose according to your need as well as budget.

Comprehensive collection:

A seasoned cook would know that in different kinds of regional dishes of India, varying range of spices is used. While you will find jeera and mustard is very common in Bengali dishes, in the South Indian usage of tamarind and curry leaves are much more. On the virtual stores you are going to come across the different range of spices that are used in regional dishes as well as continental dishes. Therefore, it is rightly called the one stop shop meeting with various needs.

The inventory list of the online shops is being specially selected after thorough market research about the demands of the Indian consumers. These are launched with the sole aim of making your life convenient. So enjoy the facilities of buying groceries online.


Best Solution For All Your Grocery Shopping Problems : Online Grocery Shopping in Kolkata

13 Feb

‘Motherhood’ no doubt this is a special feeling altogether and you would love and remember those crazy moments you have spent with your child. However, it also means added responsibilities which you have deliver with efficiency. So here is magical tool that will be certainly very useful for the modern moms. Guess what?? Yes, you are right, the internet. It is the answer to most of problems be it the different kinds of baby products, household necessities or even grocery shopping. Right from your home, while taking care of the infant you can order any necessary products that will be delivered to you at your convenient time. Life has become much easier with the coming of the online shopping with free shipping facilities, especially for those who have so many responsibilities to juggle.

buy groceries online


Exhaustive Inventory:

The best part of shopping from the virtual store is their exhaustive inventory. Starting from personal care products, to home care, groceries and other miscellaneous items, all daily necessity products can be found in a single place. Even baby products from well known brands are also available on the online store. Utilize these opportunities to make your life better.

Reward Points:

Budget is our priority when we shop, be it from the online or offline stores. One of the best features of the online grocery stores is that on every purchase you will be awarded some points that you can redeem at a later date. Thus you are going to get some discounts on all your purchase which will help you to confine yourself within your budget.

Price Slashes:

The price of the products sold on the online stores is most often less than the market price. This is the biggest benefit of buying groceries online and one of the primary reason of its growing popularity.

Free Home Delivery:

Travelling with infants is quite difficult. Therefore, the home delivery facility of the online store is extremely beneficial for the new moms. Thus they can take care of their baby as well as household with the click of a button.

Owing to these facilities the busy moms should adapt such convenient means to make their life simple and easily manageable. Choose any of the best online grocery store in your city to make your life hassle free.

Premier Online Grocery Shops of Kolkata : Instant Home Mart

12 Feb is one of the premier online grocery shops of Kolkata that was established with the primary aim of helping the consumers and making their life convenient. Customers can buy groceries online from at their convenient time from the comfort of their own home and get the products delivered at their doorstep within two days at their suitable time. Here are some reasons that make better than the rest.

online grocery shopping india

Wide range of products:

The list of inventories available on this online store is really extensive and therefore leaving the customers with a varied range of options to choose from. Starting from the common groceries products to personal care items, food, bakery products, beverages and basic home care products are available on this online store. Therefore, the customers will get all the products under one roof and need not run to and fro for collecting necessary things every month. All the products are available in different brands. Thus, the consumers will have enough options to choose from.

Lucrative discounts:

The consumers can save a lot of hard earned money by buying products from this online platform. In the best selling section products are offered at a discounted price. Furthermore, the customers can also earn reward points on the total bill amount or by referring a friend to join, the best online grocery store. These points can be redeemed at a later stage to get some decent discounts.

Quality products:

The primary aim of the entrepreneurs of the online stores is to offer superior quality products to the clients at a reasonable price. The question that might arise in the mind of the consumers is: how could the online store offers goods at such low price? This is because they buy products at bulk quantities and directly sell the products to the consumers without the interference of any middlemen. So they can offer goods at a competitive price by utilizing the principles of economics and without compromising with the quality of the products.

These are some of the most important reasons that make one of the best online groceries shopping India

Buy Groceries Online

11 Feb

Online shopping can be your best friend in everything you need at home. You just have to be sure on what you need. Wants is very different from needs. If you have self-control, this will help you buy things that you really need at home. One advice I can give you is to make a list. Yes, a shopping list. Particularly grocery shopping, even though this is online, it’s really important that you have a list of items that you need most. Let me give you a simple example, every time I go in a supermarket to buy grocery items I make sure that I’m bringing my list. If not, I tend to pick up items that I just want and I end up ruining my budget. Same with online shopping, a list of items that you NEED will help you shop wisely and practically. Most of all, making a list will also help you manage and be a good steward of God’s money.

buy groceries online

Fruits and vegetables, grocery and staples, bread, dairy and eggs, beverage, branded foods, personal care, household, confectionery and meat. These are some of the items a supermarket has. Did you know that has those too! Good thing is that you can actually shop for your groceries online! See best online grocery store, choose and order your needs at the comfort of your home.

For cosmetics, check out emami creams and for lotions, see lakme assures you on time delivery and quality products.

Isn’t that convenient? Try it!