The Primary Reasons Owing to Which Online Grocery Shopping With Free Shipping is Suffering

15 Feb

There is no denying the fact that online shopping has become really popular in the recent time. But statistics show that the growth in the online grocery market has not reached the expectation level. People still do not feel comfortable in buy groceries online. Here are some probable reasons owing to which this particular branch of online market is still suffering.


online grocery shopping


Consumers are not comfortable to buy vegetables, meat and fruits from the online stores because they are unsure about the quality of the products =. They would prefer to handpick all these items rather than depending on an unknown person.

Product Details:

Whenever we buy a new product by natural instinct we check the label of the products and its ingredients. However, consumers do not get such opportunities while buying goods from the online stores. They only get to see an alluring picture of the product present on the interface. Therefore, consumers are unsure about investing their money, especially when it comes to food items.  The best online grocery stores should take up some initiative to win over the large number of investors who are unsure.

Local Products Are Not Available:

There are always some local products that we love to munch. However, on the virtual stores only products from big brand names are available. Therefore, irrespective of the hazards that a consumer need to endure, they prefer buying goods from the real time stores and the local markets.

Missing The Overall Experience:

Most people love the overall experience of moving round the shops and checking out the nicely packed food products. For them grocery shopping is a pleasure and not a boring task and therefore they still prefer buying groceries from the supermarket. Moreover, it also provides them with the opportunity to look at the newly launched products and invest on them.

These are the most important reasons because of which online grocery shopping in Kolkata has not got much response. It time for the webmasters to device some ingenious marketing strategies owing to which the consumers will take up initiative to come out their shell and invest on online grocery shops.


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