Profits and Drawbacks of Buying Groceries Online

14 Feb

Grocery shopping is one of the mundane tasks that we have to indulge in, irrespective of our likes and dislikes. There exist a large percentage of consumers who loves to visit the grocery shops but there are many who dread it.  While online shopping with free shipping has many benefits, it also has some ill effects which cannot be ignored. Here are some of the benefits and ill effects of online grocery shopping that will help the consumers to take a rational decision:

buy groceries online


  • The online shopping interfaces are scientifically and simply designed. This is advantageous to us because comparison between the prices of the products is easier.
  • The tailored search box of the online shops is a magical tool that we can use to their advantage. Write your requirement in it and instantaneously it will pop on the screen of your computer, thus saving a lot of valuable time.
  • We can shop from the comfort of your home while doing some other task or place the order while going to office from your smartphone. Therefore, grocery shopping has much become easier with the innovation of this technology.
  •  Online shops are opened for the consumers 24 x 7. Therefore, we can place the order at your own free will.


  • An environmentalist would never suggest you to buy groceries from the online shops as it would mean the use of a lot of plastic bags which are harmful for the environment.
  • While shopping from the virtual store, we do not get the opportunity to check quality of the product. This is especially true for the perishable food items.
  • When we buy groceries online, we have to select a particular time slot on which the items will be delivered to us. Thus we have to plan ahead of time as we do not get the products immediately.

These are some of the benefits and ill effects of online grocery shopping in Kolkata. It is best to experiment with the staple items and thereafter move on to perishable items, if you are satisfied with the service offered by the online shops.


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