The Growth of the Concept of Online Grocery Shopping India

14 Jan

The concept of online shopping has been well accepted by the consumers all over the world. If we consider the Indian context, then we can trace back that the experimentation started with launching an online bookstore and then over the years it spread over to other areas like clothes, accessories and the recent addition was best online grocery store.

Many factors have induced the growth of the online market like the technological innovation, the easy availability of broadband internet connection which has made it possible to reach out to the potential clients at a faster speed, the busy schedule of the consumers and of course the lucrative offers available in the virtual stores.

The Primary Motivator:

Convenience has undoubtedly acted as the major stimulation behind the proliferation of the online grocery market in India. Though buying groceries for the home is an integral part of the household duties, yet the mounting workload hardly leaves us with any spare time whereby we can go to the marketplace for buying groceries. This has been a prime motivation behind the acceptance of the concept of online grocery shopping india. Moreover it is also perfect suitable for the older generation as it is tagged with perks like: online shopping with free shipping facilities and others. Thus by giving the least effort all the products will be delivered at your doorstep.


The economic depression that has hit the market hard a few years back, and most of consumers are still struggling to recover from its after effects and manage their finance as the cost of living has increased a lot in comparison to the average income. However, this negative aspect of the economy has acted as a blessing in disguise for the online grocery market. Since the virtual grocery shops offer quality product at a competitive price, many people has started availing such benefits.

Quality Control:

One of important factors that have played a vital role in winning over the hearts of the majority of the online grocery clients is strict quality check. The prices in the online groceries selling platforms vary according to the freshness of the goods and in case of any quality issue the entrepreneurs guarantee money back offer. Thus they would never compromise on the quality of the goods delivered to the clients.

These are some of the factors that have led to the growth of the online grocery shopping in Kolkata and other metropolis of India. The number of consumers accepting this mode of shopping is continuously rising and this trend will continue as the present circumstances has compelled clients to accept such means.


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