Groceries Have a New Address – The World Wide Web; A Look at How to Order

14 Jan

India has approximately 81 million internet users and this number is constantly rising. This important factor has opened up new opportunities for investors who want to make use the World Wide Web. They can set up an online shopping with free shipping platform and thereby reach out to more and more prospective clients easily. However, the investors might be apprehensive about the scope of online marketing. Here are some reasons because of which they should give shape to their dreams of investing in ecommerce store.


Tech savvy younger generation:

The online shopping concept made a humble beginning in India but the busy and tech savvy younger generation have easily adapted such concept. They are the brand ambassadors for spreading the good will of such concept and making them popular among others. Moreover, they are continuing to do so and a recent statistics state that by 2015 the online shopping industry as a whole will increase by about 57%.

Busy schedule:

More and more people are finding it hard to maintain a balance between work and life because of the busy work schedule. For such people buying groceries online is a perfect option as it will help them to keep up with their responsibilities from the convenience of their own home at their convenient time. Practical perks like free shipping, cash on delivery and alike are attracting more clients to the online shopping sites.

Spread of technology:

Almost in every household of the Indian cities broadband internet connections are present. Spread of such technology has also facilitated the growth ecommerce platforms. Moreover, a rising number of people are also using mobile internet for buying products. Thus the investors should exploit such opportunities to spread their business.


The major portion of the Indian subcontinent is rural. In these areas internet connection are not present and the people are also not aware of the usage of such technologies. This is one of the main hindrances in the path of the spread of online businesses.

The scope for the online grocery shopping in Kolkata and other cities of the nation is quite extensive. But the investors need to intelligently apply the different marketing techniques to propagate their online business and market their brand.


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