The Prospects of Online Grocery Shopping India

2 Jan

India, one of the largest democracies in the world, has an immense potential for the online shopping. This mode of shopping has gained popularity owing to certain psychological reasons as well as some of the practical perks that consumers enjoy by buying groceries online. A recent survey conducted by an esteemed organization stated that there are about 81 million internet users in India and the number of internet users is constantly increasing. At this important juncture when the number of internet users is increasing at a phenomenal rate, it is obvious that the common people will start taking advantage of the facilities available on the virtual world.

Best Online Grocery Store

The Virtues:

As common people are becoming extremely busy by day, they are finding it difficult to squeeze out enough time for fulfilling their household responsibilities. The eCommerce platforms have undoubtedly made their life more convenient and comfortable. They can easily shop from home at their convenient time or while performing some other tasks, thus making the maximum utility of the precious time available to them. Moreover, there are some practical perks associated with this mode of shopping like online shopping with free shipping, cash on delivery, huge discounts, cash back guarantees lucrative offers and many such things. These factors have provided them with the incentives to indulge in such practices.

The Vices:

However, there are some disadvantages as well owing to which people are still cynical about using the online platforms. First of all, the online shopping is a detached form of shopping where the common people do not get the opportunity to see the product before buying it. So they are still not convinced about using these sites. This is especially true for grocery shopping. Moreover, the use of internet is restricted to the urban cities of the nation and so is the market for the online shopping. But since majority of the people of India lives in the rural areas a vast part of the market is still unexplored. Moreover, only a few kinds of products are available on the online shops.

The prospect of growth of the online shopping is still bright. Statistics of renowned organizations suggest that by 2015 there will be 57% growth in the online shopping industry. So exploit the offers of the best online grocery stores to make of most of the precious time and money.


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