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Instant Home Mart: Save Money While Online Grocery Shopping

30 Jan

Instant Home Mart is the newest, most convenient and the best online grocery store in Kolkata. This online platform primarily caters to the Howrah district near Kolkata and its adjoining areas. It has been launched by the initiative of an entrepreneur who has long experience in the grocery business (offline). Thus they can offer the online customers with the best price, products as well as facilities.


Best price:

Instant Home Mart offers its customers with the most competitive price in the market. Thus the customers can bank a lot of money by investing online rather than indulging on all the pain that is associated with going to the shops and buying the same products. Moreover, the interface of this site is extremely user friendly and has been designed in such a way that it becomes easier for the customers to compare the prices of the products before investing in them.

Credit points:

Credit points are also awarded to the customers on buying groceries online which can be redeemed at a later date to get huge discounts on the whole amount. The customers can also earn credit points by referring friends to Instant Home Mart and thereby get discounts on their next purchase. Therefore, there are many opportunities for the customers living in these areas to save some hard earned money.

Free home delivery:

Customers will also enjoy the benefit of getting the groceries delivered at their doorstep in their preferable time within two business days. Shipping is free for the customers who are buying goods above 500INR.Therefore, the customers can also save money on transportation cost that they have to spend by delivering products online.

Weekly offers:

The buyers can also wait for the weekly offers available at this site whereby they can save some extra money on the best brands that are sold through on this platform. The best deals are always highlighted on the home page of the website so that the potential customers do not miss out on such lucrative opportunities.

These are some of the most lucrative benefits that customers are going to enjoy by indulging in online grocery shopping in Kolkata. Exploit such benefits by shopping your groceries online.


Cut Down On Calorie Intake With Online Grocery Shopping In Kolkata

30 Jan

Advancement in technology has made our life much more convenient. It has revolutionized the way we communicate, process things and do humdrum things like shopping. The dotcom era has made shopping much easier, saving a lot of time as well as money. Not only that, online grocery shopping India will also help to curtail the amount of calories that you consume every day.


Healthier choice:

Studies show that buyers who have shifted to online grocery shopping india are opting for much healthier and nutritious food items. They are no longer dwelling on the calorie rich and unhealthy fast foods that is not good for health at all. In most of the online platforms the buyers are going to find some sneak peek about the products as well as its nutritious value. So make the best use of such options available to you.

Check on impulse buying:

If you get usually get allured by the rich and delicious aroma of the bakery section of super market and end up buying a lot of unhealthy and calorie rich freshly baked cookies, pastries and chocolates, then it is best to shop online. You will be amazed to see that if you buy online, your cart will consist of an assortment of healthier choices which will help in cutting back on the calorie intake.

Curtail your visit to restaurants:

Online grocery shopping with free shipping facilities will also give you the enthusiasm to cook at home. If you compare the cost incurred in real time and online shopping, then it will become evident that you are spending a much smaller amount if you shop online. This will give the buyers the interest to cook at home. Moreover, when you will compare the money you spend on restaurants every week on those oily foods, and thereafter think about the less oily and much cheaper homemade food, then you are surely going to make a difference in your choices.

These were some of the benefits of buying groceries online whereby the buyers can visibly cut down on the amount of calorie intakes and perfectly balance their professional and family life. Such facilities become all the more useful for the working parents who find it difficult to efficiently manage time.

Why You Must Buy Groceries Online?

23 Jan

Online grocery shopping with free shipping is one of the ‘in’ things that is in vogue these days. It will help the buyers to save a lot of money as well as precious time. Since these are the two most important things that we are always running out of, it is extremely to make the best use of all the tools that can help us in managing time and hard earned money.

online grocery shopping india


Time saving tool:

Online grocery shops help in saving a lot of vital time. All you need to do is switch on your computing device, connect to the internet, browse through it and land up in the right platform to order your perishable groceries and non perishable staples from it within a span of half of an hour. Moreover, there is no bound with regard to the time when you should place the order. Log on to the online site at your preferable time to place order and also select the preferable time when you want to get it delivered at your home.

Money saving tool:

The best online grocery stores not only promise to save a lot of time but money as well. On every item that you buy from the online platform, you are assured to get some amount of concession which you are not going to get in any of the offline stores. Moreover, if you buy in lump sum amount, then you can save a lot more. There are also lucrative weekly offers that you can opt for saving some hard earned money. Online shopping will also save in saving the transportation cost and you would be also save you from the trouble of carrying the heavy bags.

These are some of the reasons why you should shift to online shopping rather than the real time stores. There are many platforms from where you can buy groceries online search for the one that offers huge discount without compromising on the quality of the products.

Make Use of the Social Media Sites While Buying Groceries Online

23 Jan

The advent of the virtual shops has made our life a lot simpler and convenient. This is especially true for the tech savvy young generation who enjoys browsing the internet and gets tempted by the awesome offers and deals present on the internet. On the internet you are going to find shops selling books, groceries, clothes, accessories and almost anything that you need. Today we are going to focus on some of the aspects whereby social media platforms can be of great help for the active online buyers especially from the best online grocery stores in your city.

online grocery shopping india

Easy access to great offers:

If you want to get regular updates on the lucrative offers of the online shopping sites, then follow their business pages on the social media platforms. Among the hundreds of times that you visit the profile, you are surely going to notice about the updates on lucrative deals and make the best possible use of these lucrative deals.

Participate in the contest:

You can also participate in the contests and forums posted on the social media sites and get the opportunity to win some gift vouchers and goodies whereby you can save some money. So be an active participant in the online forums and do not miss the opportunity to save some money while buying groceries online.

Learn about the opinions of others:

The social media profiles are also a great place to learn about the opinions of other clients before buying from the platform. This will help you to get an overview about the platform and understand the pros and cons of buying from it.

These are some of the ways by which social media platforms can be of great help for enriching the knowhow of the prospective clients. Moreover, the social networking sites are also the ideal vehicle with the help of which the entrepreneurs of the online grocery shopping in Kolkata can promote their site before a large number of clients.

Avoid Compulsive Shopping with Online Grocery Stores

14 Jan

Budget is one of the most important elements of each and every family. It is the duty of each and every family to adhere to the grocery budget as well as all other budgets.

Helps in following the preset budget:

While purchasing things from the online forum, the scope for indulging in unnecessary things is less. The buyers have to prepare a list for the groceries and thereafter stick to it while adding items on the wish list. Since there is no scope for seeing or feeling any lucrative food product or personal care product, the chances of making any compulsive purchase is much less. Moreover in case the buyers see that they have exceeded the budget, they can also deduct some less necessary things to stick to the grocery budget.

Opt for the good deals:

Many good deals are offered on the best online grocery stores that are never available on the real shops. The compulsive buyers can opt for these offers as it will help them to get ultimate satisfaction while shopping online. By opting the great deals the consumers can save up a lot of money which they can utilize for purchasing the other necessary products.

Compare before buy:

There are many ecommerce platforms on the internet which the buyers can browse through for getting access to the most competitive price. Thus ecommerce platforms help consumers to get best quotes for a product within a few minutes. They can compare the prices of the different product and thereafter choose the one that is qualitatively superior and are available at the most competitive price.

The Potential of The Online Grocery Stores in India

14 Jan
Popularity of the online store

Groceries are an integral part of the budget of every household. But the busy professionals of the 21st century hardly find time or the enthusiasm to stand in the long queues, bargain with the shopkeepers while searching for the products. Thus the tech savvy younger generations are opting for easier and convenient options like buying groceries online

Proliferation of the technology

Another important reason owing to which the concept of online shopping has gained popularity among the Indian consumers is the increase in the number of internet users. Most households in the metropolitan cities of India have modern amenities like computer and access to internet. This factor is important as it has given the prospective consumers with the option for using it to make their life more comfortable

Consumer driven marketing techniques

Moreover, the investors of the online shopping sites know that their primary task is to win over the belief of the consumer so that they have full faith in the online shopping platforms. Therefore, all the policies and offers of the online shopping site are primarily driven by needs of the consumers and not by the motive of earning large amount of profit. The consumer driven marketing techniques helps in attracting more prospective consumers and thereby resulting in the growth of the industry as a whole.

These are some of the factors that have helped in attracting targeted clients to the website and thus the future prospects of the ecommerce platforms are also good. There are many best online grocery stores which you can exploit for saving a lot of hard earned money

4 reasons: Why You Should Buy Groceries Online?

14 Jan

Online shopping saves a lot of precious time as well as money. Be it clothes, accessories, gadgets or groceries, online shopping is extremely convenient. This mode of shopping is perfectly compatible with the fast paced lifestyle of the 21stcentury as the consumers hardly get time to spend hours moving form one shop to another in search of quality products. Online grocery shopping in Kolkata offers the buyers to have similar experience, whereby they can browse through the different platforms to come across the best deal.

buy groceries online

If the online deals appear lucrative to you but you are not really convinced, then here are some rationale that will help the consumers in making the best choice.

Stick to the budget:

No matter how hard we try to stick to the budget created by us, we can hardly resist our temptation for the yummy pastries, fries and other things while moving round the different sections of the groceries stores. Such temptation can be easily curbed when we are shopping from the online grocery store. The moment we realize our budget has exceeded, while shopping online we can put aside the luxury item and focus on the necessary ones.

Better deals:

The online shops offer better deals whereby we can save a lot of money without compromising with the quality of the products. Moreover, perks like online shopping with free shipping will help in saving a lot of money on travelling allowance and such expenses. Loyal clients are also eligible to special discounts.

Updated information:

Online grocery shopping sites are regularly updated with information about the latest arrivals so that it becomes easier for us to choose the best. Moreover, you also have the option of subscribing for the newsletters whereby you will get auto alerts about the best deals.

Best products:

You need not worry about the quality of products sold on the online store. All the products sold from these platforms are handpicked by the professionals. Moreover, under one roof you are going to come across a wide range of assortments to choose from.

Enjoy the benefits of shopping from the best online grocery store in your city which is going to make life much more convenient.