The Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Grocery Shopping in Kolkata

24 Dec

Online shopping with free shipping facilities and better bargains have gained popularity all over the world and market trends of India reveals that this developing nation is also no exception to this rule. Market research results of India also shows that a growing number of people are investing on the products sold on the online platforms. However along with the advantages, they are some drawbacks of buying groceries from the online stores.

buy groceries online

Here are some of the pros and cons of online grocery shopping:

The Pros:

  • Price has always been one of the greatest concerns of all customers, whether they are buying a costly gadget or groceries for the household. While shopping from the best online grocery store, it is easier for the consumers to compare the price and opt for the best deal.
  • Online grocery shopping enables you to shop all round the clock according to convenience of the consumers and from their comfort of their own home.
  • Online shopping is ideal for those who have to travel a lot. They can place the online order a few days before returning home and the groceries will be at their doorstep once they reach home.
  • The consumers need to rummage round the aisle to get the hold of all the products on their trolley when shopping in the real stores. However, it is much easier to find stuffs on online store.


  • The buyers do not get the opportunity to handpick the best quality things that are available on the rack.
  • Sometimes due to some technical glitch your grocery might never appear on door step, though you are expecting it.
  • If you get all the stuffs on the inventory of the online grocery store, then you must consider lucky. Ordering for the substitutes can be a bit confusing.
  • When we shop online, the products are delivered in loads of plastic bags which are not good for the environment at all.

These are some of the advantage and disadvantages of buying groceries online. Exploit these opportunities to make your life much more convenient.


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