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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Grocery Shopping in Kolkata

24 Dec

Online shopping with free shipping facilities and better bargains have gained popularity all over the world and market trends of India reveals that this developing nation is also no exception to this rule. Market research results of India also shows that a growing number of people are investing on the products sold on the online platforms. However along with the advantages, they are some drawbacks of buying groceries from the online stores.

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Here are some of the pros and cons of online grocery shopping:

The Pros:

  • Price has always been one of the greatest concerns of all customers, whether they are buying a costly gadget or groceries for the household. While shopping from the best online grocery store, it is easier for the consumers to compare the price and opt for the best deal.
  • Online grocery shopping enables you to shop all round the clock according to convenience of the consumers and from their comfort of their own home.
  • Online shopping is ideal for those who have to travel a lot. They can place the online order a few days before returning home and the groceries will be at their doorstep once they reach home.
  • The consumers need to rummage round the aisle to get the hold of all the products on their trolley when shopping in the real stores. However, it is much easier to find stuffs on online store.


  • The buyers do not get the opportunity to handpick the best quality things that are available on the rack.
  • Sometimes due to some technical glitch your grocery might never appear on door step, though you are expecting it.
  • If you get all the stuffs on the inventory of the online grocery store, then you must consider lucky. Ordering for the substitutes can be a bit confusing.
  • When we shop online, the products are delivered in loads of plastic bags which are not good for the environment at all.

These are some of the advantage and disadvantages of buying groceries online. Exploit these opportunities to make your life much more convenient.


Is Online Grocery Shopping in Kolkata a Cheaper Alternative?

18 Dec

Managing the household is primarily the responsibility of the womenfolk of every household. They have to maintain a perfect equilibrium between work and life and manage all aspect of the household efficiently. To run the whole system with competence, they can make use of the online shopping opportunities. The best online grocery stores have helped the womenfolk a lot in organizing their household activities effectively.


Starting from fresh vegetables and cereals to meat, fish, dairy products or any other goods are available on the online store at the click of a button. You can place an online order and get a superfast delivery of all the goods at your doorway at your convenient time. Moreover, online shopping of groceries will help in saving a lot of money as well. Here are some reasons why online grocery shopping is considered to be cheaper in comparison to real time shopping.

Best deals:

The online grocery stores offer best deals and discounts to the consumers which none of the real time shop can ever offer!! You might be perturbed by the fact that how can the online store sale the same products at such competitive price and end up thinking that the products are not of good quality. But the reality is that the entrepreneurs of the online stores make bulk purchase for all the goods and they sell their products directly to the consumers. This enables them to enjoy overheads even after offering the consumers product at a lower price through discounts.

No scope for impulsive shopping:

Online shopping with free shipping does not leave the consumer with any scope for impulsive shopping which is a common practice that all of indulge in while shopping around the real time shops. Most often we end up buying all the unnecessary stuffs and thereby the monthly budget gets exhausted. Online shopping will allow you with no such scope. Moreover, the money saved by buying online products can be used for buying the unnecessary things.

No commutation fee:

The online grocery shops guarantee free shipping of all the products in accordance to the convenience of the consumers. This will save a lot of money that we have to spend on traveling to and fro from the market, car parking and other related cost. With the use of these platforms all the good will be delivered at your place at a cheaper price at free of cost.

Value for money:

Online grocery shopping also ensures money back assurance in case of any dispute with any particular product. Extreme quality control measures are taken by the entrepreneur but in case there is some problem, they guarantee to replace it or return the money at the earliest.

These are some of the factors that make online grocery shopping in Kolkata a much better option in comparison to real-time shopping in the marketplace. Without arguing or bargaining with the retailers you will be given quite some discounts on all the products. So do not miss this opportunity to save your hard earned money and maintain budget.

Avoid Compulsive Shopping with Online Grocery Shops

14 Dec

Budget is one of the most important elements of each and every family. It is the duty of each and every family to adhere to the grocery budget as well as all other budgets. Here are some reasons why buying groceries online is perfect for the compulsive buyers:

Helps in following the preset budget:

While purchasing things from the online forum, the scope for indulging in unnecessary things is less. The buyers have to prepare a list for the groceries and thereafter stick to it while adding items on the wish list. Since there is no scope for seeing or feeling any lucrative food product or personal care product, the chances of making any compulsive purchase is much less. Moreover in case the buyers see that they have exceeded the budget, they can also deduct some less necessary things to stick to the grocery budget.

Opt for the good deals:

Many good deals are offered on the best online grocery stores that are never available on the real shops. The compulsive buyers can opt for these offers as it will help them to get ultimate satisfaction while shopping online. By opting the great deals the consumers can save up a lot of money which they can utilize for purchasing the other necessary products.

Compare before buy:

There are many ecommerce platforms on the internet which the buyers can browse through for getting access to the most competitive price. Thus ecommerce platforms help consumers to get best quotes for a product within a few minutes. They can compare the prices of the different product and thereafter choose the one that is qualitatively superior and are available at the most competitive price.

These were some of the ways which the compulsive buyers can enjoy by using the online shopping with free shipping facilities and avoid compulsive purchase.

Buying Groceries Online with

10 Dec is one of the premier online grocery shops of Kolkata that was established with the primary aim of helping the consumers and making their life convenient. Customers can buy groceries online from at their convenient time from the comfort of their own home and get the products delivered at their doorstep within two days at their suitable time. Here are some reasons that make better than the rest.

Wide range of products:

The list of inventories available on this online store is really extensive and therefore leaving the customers with a varied range of options to choose from. Starting from the common groceries products to personal care items, food, bakery products, beverages and basic home care products are available on this online store. Therefore, the customers will get all the products under one roof and need not run to and fro for collecting necessary things every month. All the products are available in different brands. Thus, the consumers will have enough options to choose from.

Lucrative discounts:

The consumers can save a lot of hard earned money by buying products from this online platform. In the best selling section products are offered at a discounted price. Furthermore, the customers can also earn reward points on the total bill amount or by referring a friend to join, the best online grocery store. These points can be redeemed at a later stage to get some decent discounts.

Quality products:

The primary aim of the entrepreneurs of the online stores is to offer superior quality products to the clients at a reasonable price. The question that might arise in the mind of the consumers is: how could the online store offers goods at such low price? This is because they buy products at bulk quantities and directly sell the products to the consumers without the interference of any middlemen. So they can offer goods at a competitive price by utilizing the principles of economics and without compromising with the quality of the products.

These are some of the most important reasons that make one of the best online groceries shopping India is Offering Online Grocery Shopping in India

7 Dec is a Kolkata based online grocery store that has gained immense popularity within a short span of time owing to the superior service offered in these platforms. It is one of the best online grocery stores that has made the life of the working people as well as tech savvy older people in and around Howrah area of the metropolis Kolkata, very convenient.

Range of products:

The entrepreneur of is associated with the grocery business for the last fifty years. They have many real time shops in the Howrah area from where the goods are being supplied to the online customers. Therefore, the online customers are going to find all the grocery items on this platform from best brands and at a discounted price.

Various paying options:

The consumers using can pay through plastic money or can also opt for cash on delivery service. This is one of the main reasons that have contributed to the proliferation of the concept of buying groceries online in Kolkata.

Customer support:

The customers have the option of calling in the toll free number in case of any query with regard to the products sold on the virtual store, refund, cancellation of any order or any other queries. The executives will be at your service from 9 O’ clock in the morning till 9PM in the night and they will be more than happy to serve you.

Refund and cancellation of order:

The customers have the right to ask for refund if they find that any of the products that were delivered at your doorsteps are damaged. However, they need to let the person know instantaneously. In case of emergency, the customers can also cancel the order placed by them by calling in the helpline at least four hours prior to the delivery time.

These are some of the practical perks that have contributed to the popularity of the online grocery shopping in Kolkata. Moreover, the products will be delivered at the doorstep of the consumers at free of cost in case their bill exceeds a certain level.


The Rise of Online Grocery Shopping

3 Dec

The concept of online shopping has been well accepted by the consumers all over the world. If we consider the Indian context, then we can trace back that the experimentation started with launching an online bookstore and then over the years it spread over to other areas like clothes, accessories and the recent addition was best online grocery stores. Many factors have induced the growth of the online market like the technological innovation, the easy availability of broadband internet connection which has made it possible to reach out to the potential clients at a faster speed, the busy schedule of the consumers and of course the lucrative offers available in the virtual stores. It has taken many years for winning over the trust of the clients but now different kinds of online stores have captured a quite some percentage of market and the number is ever increasing.

Here are certain key factors have been responsible for the growth of the online grocery market in India:

The primary motivator:

Convenience has undoubtedly acted as the major stimulation behind the proliferation of the online grocery market in India. Though buying groceries for the home is an integral part of the household duties, yet the mounting workload hardly leaves us with any spare time whereby we can go to the marketplace for buying groceries. This has been a prime motivation behind the acceptance of the concept of online grocery shopping. Moreover it is also perfect suitable for the older generation as it is tagged with perks like: online shopping with free shipping facilities and others. Thus by giving the least effort all the products will be delivered at your doorstep.


The economic depression that has hit the market hard a few years back, and most of consumers are still struggling to recover from its after effects and manage their finance as the cost of living has increased a lot in comparison to the average income. However, this negative aspect of the economy has acted as a blessing in disguise for the online grocery market. Since the virtual grocery shops offer quality product at a competitive price, many people has started availing such benefits.

Quality control:

One of important factors that have played a vital role in winning over the hearts of the majority of the online grocery clients is strict quality check. The prices in the online groceries selling platforms vary according to the freshness of the goods and in case of any quality issue the entrepreneurs guarantee money back offer. Thus they would never compromise on the quality of the goods delivered to the clients.

Multiple paying options:

Along with the other benefits, another factor that has lead to the growth of the online grocery shopping is multiple paying option. The consumers have the option of paying via plastic money or cash on delivery. This factor has also contributed to the rise in the number of online clients.

These are some of the factors that have led to the growth of the online grocery shopping in Kolkata and other metropolis of India. The number of consumers accepting this mode of shopping is continuously rising and this trend will continue as the present circumstances has compelled clients to accept such means.